Tie Dye Paper Experiment

  • All Ages

Learn a fold and paint technique to create a spiral tie dyed pattern on a new crafting surface: paper towels!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.



watercolor craft for kids


Step 2.


Fold the paper towel in half. Since your paper towel is square, it doesn’t matter which way you fold it.

watercolor tie dye


Step 3.


Fold the paper towel in half again to form a smaller square.

tie dye paper design


Step 4.


Take the folded edge and bring it to the other side to make a triangle.

how to tie dye paper


Step 5.


Repeat Step 4, to make a skinny triangle.

Watercolor tie dye experiment


Step 6.


Dip the paper towel in the bowl of water, make sure it gets really wet. Then, gently squeeze out the extra water.

how to tie dye paper


Step 7.


Place a piece of wax paper down to cover your table surface. Place the wet paper towel on the waxed covered table. Paint designs, such as stripes, on the paper towel. Turn the paper towel over and repeat the designs on the other side. Tip: wax paper allows you to both cover your surface without having the project stick to your table.

watercolor tie dye paper craft


Step 8.


Roll the paper towel together and squeeze, you want to make sure that the paint soaks through all the layers of the paper towel.

watercolor paper craft


Step 9.


Start to unfold the paper towel. You may want to add additional paint as you unfold for areas which were not fully covered.

kids craft tie dye paper project


Step 10.


Unfold the paper towel all the way to reveal a symmetrical design. The design will be very vibrant while it’s wet, however the colors may fade slightly when the paper towel is dry.

Tie Dye Paper Experiment


Step 11.


Once the paper towel is dry, use it for other crafting projects. You may choose to use decoupage glue to mount it on a piece of foam board for a colorful design, or cut it up to use it in a collage!