Three Crows Recycled Craft

  • All Ages

Learn to recycle and make a fun harvest kids crafts at the same time! Turn a recycled cardboard egg carton into these adorable black crows!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

recycled crow craft

Fall craft using recycled materials

Step 2.

Cut (2) round cups from a cardboard egg carton. Tape the cups together with masking tape to form your crow shape. Repeat to make (3) crows.

make a crow out of recycled materials

Step 3.

Paint each crow with black Acrylic Paint and set aside to dry.

Kids Craft Crows

Step 4.

For each crow, cut a triangle out of an orange foam sheet for the beak. Glue onto the face with (2) Wiggly Eyes.

Recycled craft project

Step 5.

To create the wings, coil a black Fuzzy Stick into an oval and glue onto the body. Repeat so you have (2) wings for each crow.

Fall recycled craft project for kids

Step 6.

For the crow’s tail, coil a Black Fuzzy Stick into a triangle and glue onto the back of the crow.

make crows out of recycled materials

Step 7.

To make the crow’s feet, cut a 1 inch piece of an orange Fuzzy Stick and fold in half to make a “V” shape. Glue onto the bottom of the crow.

recycled arts and crafts materials


Step 8.

To make the hat, cut a ½ inch wide piece of cardboard roll and paint it yellow. Glue this yellow ring onto a circle cut from yellow construction paper.

Crow made out of recycled materials

Step 9.

Glue the hat onto the crow.


make a tree branch out of recycled materials for fall

Step 10.

Create the branch the crows are sitting on by painting a cardboard roll with brown Acrylic Paint and set aside allow to dry.

Fall craft project

Step 11.

Next, make leaves on a white construction paper base. You can draw and cut your own leaf shapes, or download our template found on the Fall Leaf Wreath here. Paint the leaf shapes using fall colors, such as red, yellow and orange. We used a Sponge Brush to mix colors and create texture.

Three Crows recycled craft

Step 12.

Glue your crows and your leaves onto your cardboard roll branch.

recycled fall craft

Step 13.

On each end of the branch punch a hole with a hole punch tool. Thread a yellow Fuzzy Stick on each end  and twist ends to secure. Twist the ends of the Fuzzy Sticks together to form a loop for hanging.