Summer Memories Craft

  • Tween Age 9-12
  • Elementary Age 5-9

Stir up conversation with fellow students with a fun "get to know you" craft about summer memories.



Step 1.  Gather your supplies.

beginning of the school year get to know you craft project

use photos of your summer memories to create a beautiful craft

Step 2.

Ask your students to bring in a picture of something fun they did over the summer. It can be a real printed photo or a photocopy of a picture as well.

Step 3.

Glue the image onto a larger sheet of paper. Tip: The image does not need to be in the center of the paper as you fill in all of the space.

Use a pencil to fill in the gaps of your summer memory photo

Step 4. 

Using a pencil, have each student draw a picture that continues where their photograph left off. For fun you can ask each student to add one “funny” or “pretend” element into their picture.

Use washable paint to decorate a craft about your summer memories

Step 5.

Use Washable Paint to add color. Tip: Mix colors in a separate space than the jar. We used a Paint Palette to mix some colors.

Further Discussion:

Sometimes an interactive assignment that involves both drawing and writing helps facilitate a good conversation amongst students. Pictures can also assist children in writing down more details about their experiences. To complete this project, have each student write a sentence or two about their special summer memory. For younger students, have them take turns sharing their memory out loud or help them write down their special memory.