Stuffed Gingerbread Man

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use everyday household materials, such as brown paper bag to create a stuffed gingerbread man. Display in your home during the Holidays for a fun festive feel.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Recycled paper bag gingerbread man

Winter Kids Craft with recycled materials

Step 2.

Start at the top and cut along the side of a brown paper bag.

recycled art project for young kids

Step 3.

Continue cutting to remove the bottom of the paper bag. You will have one large piece of brown paper bag. Fold the bag in half.

How to make a recycled paper bag gingerbread man

Step 4. 

Use a pencil to draw a gingerbread man on one side of the bag. Tip: Trace the pencil line with a black marker so it’s darker and easier to see when cutting.

Winter art project for young children

Step 5.

Cut out the gingerbread man while keeping the paper folded. You will end up with 2 gingerbread men.

Recycled paper bag gingerbread man art project

Step 6.

Now it’s time to stuff the gingerbread man. We recommend doing this in two parts. First, place the (2) pieces together and staple the edges from the top of the left arm, around the head, stopping at the top of the right arm.

Recycled art kids craft

Step 7.

Crumple up a small piece of newspaper and stuff inside the head. Add more crumpled newspaper to the arms.

Make a gingerbread man art project with recycled paper bags

Step 8.

Use the stapler around the arms. Continue stapling the body and top of the legs.

Recycled paper bag gingerbread man

Step 9.

Stuff the body and legs with more crumpled newspaper. Use the stapler to close this portion of your Stuffed Gingerbread Man.

Winter kids craft art project

Step 10.

Decorate your gingerbread man! We used Red and Silver Glitter Glue like icing to outline and decorate the edges.

How to make a recycled paper bag gingerbread man

Step 11.

Next we used Wiggly Eyes, a Glitter Stick for the mouth and some Glitter Poms for buttons to complete!