Sensory Box Activity

  • Preschool

Here, we've recycled a tissue box to create a sensory box with many textures to explore!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Place your tissue box on one of your flat surfaces, such as foam. Trace the shape then cut it out to size.

Step 3.

Glue the foam to the tissue box. Repeat to cover all the sides of the box. Tip: use different textures, like bubble wrap, sand paper and felt.

Step 4.

Paint the front of the box (the part with the opening.) Let dry.

Step 5.

Insert materials into the sensory box and encourage kids to put their hands in and feel around without looking. Feathers are soft and long. Ask them to guess what they feel!

Step 6.

Fill the box with soft, fluffy Poms. Have the kids try and describe the texture that they feel.

Step 7.

Cut up glitter sticks into smaller pieces. Encourage children to feel around, bend and shape them with their hands without looking.  Have them visualize what they’re making inside the box.

Step 8.

Place contrasting materials in the box, such as Wood Beads and Plastic Star Beads. Have them feel around and remove only one type of bead for a fun interactive exercise.

Further Discussion:

Recreate the sensory box or tub experience for all different holidays and seasons! Include items which have fun textures, make noises or have sweet smells. For example, a Christmas themed box could include jingle bells and cinnamon sticks. Go one step further for Halloween and include materials with fun textures, such as peeled grapes for “eyes” and cold, cooked spaghetti for “brains”!