“My Dad is” Crossword Sign

Spell out all the great things about dad using puzzle shaped foam stickers.


  • Posterboard
  • Paper
  • Pencil


Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Make a list of adjectives to describe dad.  Examples: awesome, witty, honest, loving, generous, funny, smart, talented, nice


Step 3.


Use the Poster Letter stickers to spell: “my dad is” on the poster board.


Step 4.


Start by spelling the first adjective with the Puzzle Stickers. For the first adjective, we spelled the word  “awesome” vertically, as shown. Tip: arrange all the Puzzle Stickers on the poster board before peeling the adhesive backings and sticking them down.


Step 5.


Spell the 2nd adjective by linking the puzzle letters to the first word. In our example, we used the “w” in awesome to start spelling witty.


Step 6.


Continue spelling the rest of the adjectives by linking the words, horizontally and vertically.  Adjust or change words if needed to make sure the pieces all fit on the board.  When everything is arranged, peel the adhesive backings and stick the Puzzle Stickers in place.