Dad’s a Great Catch Card

Use a wet on wet watercolor technique to create dad a special under the sea themed card for Father's Day or everyday!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

father's day card


Paper plate art project for kids


Step 2.


Trace your paper plate on a piece of Art Canvas paper, making sure the plate hangs off the edge slightly. Tip: The top flat part of this shape will mimic a fishbowl.

Father's Day Card kid's craft


Step 3.


Use scissors to cut out the fishbowl shape. Apply a light coat of water on your shape.

Father's day card kids craft


Step 4.


Dip the paintbrush in brown watercolor paint and paint the bottom of the fishbowl with a sandy brown color. Tip: use uneven strokes and paint amounts to mimic waves in the water.


Kids craft father's day card


Step 5.


Apply a coat of water on the top of the fishbowl and paint with blue watercolor paint. Tip: use uneven strokes and paint amounts to mimic waves in the water. Allow to dry.


Kids craft funny card for dad


Step 6.


Use a marker to write your dad a message. To keep with your underwater theme we wrote the phrase “Dad, you’re the greatest catch in the sea!”


Kids art activity for father's day


Step 7.


Bend and mold a green Fuzzy Stick into a piece of seaweed.

Father's Day Card


Step 8.


Repeat to create additional pieces of seaweed. Use glue to adhere the seaweed to bottom of the fishbowl, like it’s coming out of the sand.


Card for Dad


Step 9.


Peel and stick your sea life foam stickers onto the fish bowl. For ours, we put the crab, a shell and a starfish on the bottom in the sand. Then we put some fish with bubbles swimming in the water.

Give dad your handmade card on Father’s Day or just because!