SLIMYGLOOP® Sparkling Slimy Catchers

Show off your creativity and let your imagination run free as you design and customize window art with SLIMYGLOOP® Slimy Catchers! Simply dig in and spread the iridescent SLIMYGLOOP® onto your sun catcher illustrations until it covers every detail. Add unique colors patterns and textures onto your slimy creation as you apply vibrant glitter, shimmery gemstones, colorful markers and more. Express your creativity as you blend colors together to find different shades or add 3D effects using foam balls and melty beads. The creative possibilities are endless and your sun catcher is sure to stand out. Once done, hand or display your slimy sun catcher for all to see as you add on the suction cup and place against the window. Watch the sunlight peer through the sun catchers and make all your colorful details glow. Recommended for ages 6 & up. Item # 98618

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