Rainbow Pony Beads

Rainbow Pony Beads are timeless and versatile for many crafting projects including jewelry making, art designs and trendy hairstyles. They are great by themselves or to mix with other beads for cool pattern making techniques and designs. Pony beads are made of plastic and are reusable. Whether for painting, jewelry making or pottery making, this craft essential will foster your child’s creativity.Go Create Rainbow Pony Beads 500ct.:Pony beads are a timeless classic for every artistThey are great by themselves or to mix with other beadsPerfect for mixing with other beads for designing and pattern makingMake necklaces, bracelets, glue onto hair accessories or make bead pet keychainsFun for the whole family. Contents: Assorted 500pc Rainbow Pony Beads. Item #87974
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