Just My Style Braidtastic Braiding & Beading Workstation

With the help of an easy-to-use loom, along with fully-illustrated instructions, you can weave and bead over 30 different bracelets using 17 types of vibrant cording — no need to be a braiding expert! The Braid-tastic workstation simplifies the process of braiding and weaving by providing pre-wrapped spools of colorful cording, strand holders to help little hands, as well as a beading grid and fun templates to follow. Looking for even MORE inspiration? Don’t limit yourself to the included templates — download more at the Just My Style page on the Horizon Group USA website or design your own!


Kit Includes: Braiding Loom with 5 Beading Design Templates – 6 Interchangable Cord Spools – 17 Different Types of Cording – 1000 Colorful Beads – Metal Needle – Spool of Thread – Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Age: 6+
Item #: 69244F

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