Penguins On Parade – free template included!

  • Tween Age 9-12
  • Elementary Age 5-9

A great classroom art project where each child's creativity will shine.


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Penguins are known for being uniform with their black and white colors so what better way than to have children express themselves than to create an innovative work of art then on the form of a penguin. When this project is completed in a group, you will be amazed at the creativity of the students and their different interpretations of the same simple form.

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

On our website, underneath the picture of our project you will find a “template” button. Print out the penguin template and cut it out. Trace your printed penguin template on a piece of card stock then cut out the shape. This card stock piece will be the base to your penguin puppet.

Step 3.

For each puppet you will also need a Jumbo Craft Stick as the handle. Decorate your penguin and craft stick as desired. For our first example we used Acrylic Paint and added a Wiggly Eye.

Step 4.

For our second example, we used Foam Cube Stamps with Acrylic Paint to cover. You can also add glue and sprinkle on glitter for a sparkly accent!

Step 5.

To make the feet, take an orange Fuzzy Stick, and cut it into (4) equal parts. 

Step 6.

Take 2 pieces of Fuzzy Stick and wrap one piece around the other, approximately 1” from the bottom. Fold the sides down to create the shape of the Penguins foot. with the other 2 pieces to make 2 feet.

Step 7.

Using tape, attach your feet and a Jumbo Craft Stick to the back of your puppet.

Step 8.

You have now made penguin puppets! Gather your friends and put on a penguin parade!