Paper Bag Pumpkin

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Turn an ordinary paper lunch bag into a Halloween decoration or favor bag with just a few simple craft materials!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Paper Bag Pumpkin Craft


Paper Bag Pumpkin Decoration


Step 2.


First, you’ll need to fluff up the lunch bag to create a round pumpkin shape. Add candy or other treats inside if you are making a party favor. If you’re making these as pumpkin decorations, crumple up newspaper and stuff it inside.


Step 3.


When the bag is filled and looks round, close and twist the top of the bag. You should have a few inches of bag left as shown.

Paper Bag Pumpkin Decoration for Kids


Step 4.


Wrap a green Fuzzy Stick around the top where you twisted the bag. Wrap a second Fuzzy Stick around the top, and leave some hanging down.

Kids Craft Paper Bag Pumpkin Decoration


Step 5.


Twist the loose piece of Fuzzy Stick around a pencil. Remove the pencil to see the curly pumpkin vine you have formed.

Paper Bag Pumpkin Decoration for Halloween


Step 6.


Use scissors to cut the top of the bag to create (2) leaves as shown.

Kids Craft Pumpkin Decoration


Step 7.


Use Acrylic Paint to decorate your Paper Bag Pumpkin. Paint the leaves green and the base orange. If you want, use black Acrylic Paint to make a Jack-O-Lantern face.


Once dry, give your Paper Bag Pumpkin to a friend or display in your home for the fall season!