“Out of this World” Straw Toppers

  • All Ages

Tell Dad he’s “out of this world” when making his custom straw toppers for Father’s Day or any day! Use adorable space themed foam stickers to decorate a straw and serve him his favorite beverage.


printDownload Template


Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Download, print and cut out our template by clicking the “template” button under the finished picture of this project. Note: there are two templates on the sheet; one says “Dad, You’re out of this world” and the other is blank.


Step 3.


Paint the straw toppers with watercolor paint and allow to dry.  When painting the toppers, think of designs that work well with the space stickers.


Step 4.


Add your stickers, making sure you don’t cover the black slit marks where the straw will go. Tip: arrange all the stickers before sticking them down.


Step 5.


To attach the straw toppers to a straw, cut the printed lines on the top and bottom straw topper to create slits. Thread the straw through the slits, as shown.  You are ready to share a milkshake with dad!