Learning and growing should never stop! Keep your little ones engaged, sharp, and focused by participating in a Screen-Free Summer! Encourage your family to be mindful and present in the moment, rather than stuck staring at a television or tablet. Your children will be amazed at all the places their creativity and imagination will take them during summer vacation!


 Classic Summer Activities

Nothing is more fun than a classic craft. Go back to your childhood with your little ones and recreate some timeless projects.




Friendship Bracelets


Art With Sand


Sand Imprint


Melty Beads


Sensory Play, Slime & Fidget Tools

Explore some new and trending activities to keep your kids engaged and focused during the chaos of summer.


Fidget Tools


Calming Glitter Bottles


Making your own slime at home? Experiment with using different embellishments to create different sensory experiences!




Summer is all about fun, but that doesn’t mean learning can take a back-seat! Explore Science Experiments that will keep your kids engaged for hours.


Coffee Filter Chromatography


Wire Bead Maze


Phases Of The Moon


Outdoor Art

Take advantage of the warm weather by heading outside for a bit of messy fun!


Use bubbles, straws, balloons, marbles, and more to put a new spin on painting


Squirt Gun Painting


Nature Rubbings