What is more exciting than transforming a plain old, boring rock, into a work of art!? Rock painting is super trendy, and with spring right around the corner, we just had to join the excitement! Here are 21 unique rock painting ideas that crafters of all ages are sure to love!



1. The Best Ideas for Kids

Cactus Pet Rocks


2. Eighteen25

Tic Tac Toe Rocks


3. Hello, Wonderful

Fingerprint Heart Rocks


4. Color Made Happy

Counting Rocks


5. Creative Green Living

Marbled Rocks



6. Val Event Gal

Galaxy Rocks


7. Crafts by Amanda

Ladybug Rocks


8. Paging Supermom

Domino Rocks Game


9. Easy Peasy and Fun

Monster Rocks


10. Twitchetts

Dot Painting on Rocks


11. Cool Creativity

DIY Stone Cactus Garden


12. Arty Crafty Kids

Kandinsky Inspired Rock Art


13. One Little Project

Rock Photo Holders



14. Color Made Happy

Rock Painting Stamps



15. I Heart Crafty Things

Patterned Snake Rock



16. Red Ted Art

DIY Strawberry Rock Ring


17. Color Made Happy

Train Rocks for Teaching Colors


18. Non-Toy Gifts

Painted Rock Rainbow


19. Munchkins and Moms

Food Mud Kitchen Rocks


20. Coffee Cups and Crayons

Love Rocks


21. Fun-A-Day

Painted Rock Pets


We also love the idea of writing motivational and positive messages on rocks and leaving them around the neighborhood! They are a beautiful and colorful addition to any school, playground, park, or sidewalk!


Let us know your favorite rock painting ideas using our Share An Idea page! Happy Crafting!