Crafting a rainbow is an excellent way to brighten anyone’s day! Now’s the time to spread some positivity, test out your STEAM skills, and create unique art. We’ve rounded up 28 rainbow crafts and beautiful science experiments to add color to your life!

1. Rainbow Pasta Wind Chime

Rainbow Wind Chimes

Give your garden, backyard, or any other outdoor space a little extra color! Create your own vibrant dyed pasta, then add jingle bells and glitter to make them chime and shine. 


2. Rainbow Sky Sensory Bottle

Bottle up your rainbow sky and take it wherever you go! Head to the Kids Craft Room for a hands-on project that will explore sensory play with acrylic painted rice, rainbow ribbon, and cotton balls. Whether you keep it in the bottle or spread the textures around your craft table, the creative possibilities are endless! 


3. Rainbow Heart Transparencies

There’s nothing transparent about our love for Twig & Toadstool’s rainbow window art! Cut heart-shapes out of cardstock, fill the middle with strips of multicolored tissue paper, then tape them to a window or clear surface to watch the color shine!  


4. Cardboard Rainbow Collage

Every rainbow is unique! Decorate a piece of arched cardboard with your own touch of creativity. Gather some inspiration from Art Bar, then use your favorite craft materials like poms, scrapbook paper, and glitter to create a rainbow collage!  


5. No Mess Rainbow in a Bag

Looking for mess-free sensory fun? Check out Powerful Mothering’s No Mess Rainbow in a Bag! Mix watercolors with a few of household materials, like water, flour, and salt, inside a resealable bag to poke, squish, and squeeze for hours of fun. 


6. 3D Paper Rainbow

Brighten someone’s day with a simple 3D rainbow craft from Easy Peasy and Fun! Glue strips of paper or foam to create the perfect rainbow arch with white pom clouds. Use this colorful craft to decorate the front of a greeting card or just to practice those fine motor skills! 


7. Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving Project

Who doesn’t love a recycled craft project? Transform a paper plant into a rainbow sky using friendship thread and acrylic paint! Follow the step-by-step weaving process over at Pink Stripey Socks blog and add a little color to your craft time!   


8. Rainbow Heart Suncatchers

Shine a light on your magnificent artwork with Fireflies and Mudpies’ Rainbow Heart Suncatchers! Create your own mosaic pattern as your cut and paste tissue paper squares using their heart template. Then, display your one-of-a-kind art at home or in the classroom! 


9. DIY Rainbow Jar

Mom Dot has found the perfect way to capture all the colors of the rainbow! Pour tempera paints inside a glass jar with water and cotton balls — then, watch the colors expand with each layer creating a rainbow effect!  


10. Rainbow Eruptions Experiment 

Test out your STEAM skills with Learn Play Imagine’s rainbow eruption! Follow the scientific method with household items like baking soda and food colors to make a blast with every color of the rainbow!  


11. Rainbow Marbled Butterfly Pasta Art

These rainbow butterflies will make your heart flutter! Discover the magic of texture as you free-hand paint on a piece of white cardstock. Then, cut out your butterfly shape and attach a piece of pasta in the middle to create the body of your colorful friend! 


12. Beaded Rainbow Wind Chime

Homemade crafts make the best garden accessories! Bring a little whimsy to your outdoor space with a beaded rainbow wind chime from How To This and That. Gather 6 jumbo craft sticks and thread all your favorite beads onto craft wire, then display your very own wind chime inside or outside!  


13. Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine

Make music during your next arts and crafts session! Make your own rainbow-themed tambourines by adding acrylic paints onto paper plates, and embellishing with jingle bells. Before you know it, you’ll be making sweet sounds with your handmade instrument.  


14. Rainbow Ice and Salt Experiment

Chill out with these two colorful ice experiments from Powerful Mothering! Observe what happens when salt, food dye, and watercolors are added to an ice block. Work with your hands, or a paintbrush, to explore how the ice transforms into a melted rainbow. STEAM never looked so cool!   


15. Rainbow Explosion Slime 

It’s rainbow slime time! Get hands-on and create your own fluffy slime with white glue and rainbow sprinkles for stretchy, squishy sensory fun — explore all the ways to make slime with Mom Dot!  


16. Rainbow Rainy Day Art

Rainy days are perfect crafting weather with this rainbow STEAM project from Rhythms of Play! Freehand colorful scribbles on white cardstock, then place the piece of paper outside in the rain, and watch the new colors melt into your artwork!  


17. No Mess Rainbow Art for Toddlers

Little hands will love this mess-free paint project — all it takes are primary paint colors, cardstock, and a resealable plastic bag. Add dots of paint around the cardstock, then cover the surface with the plastic bag. Fill the white space by poking and pushing the paint all over the cardstock while exploring the way it moves and blends with other colors to create a rainbow masterpiece. 


18. Rainbow Jar Experiment

Get creative with STEM and experiment with density! Use materials around the house to create layers of colorful liquids and watch how each substance reacts to one another. Follow Playdough To Plato’s tips and tricks to create a colorful science lesson! 


19. Rainbow Shaving Cream Art

The creative possibilities are endless with this shaving cream rainbow art project! Fill a pan with foam shaving cream and a rainbow arch of tempera paints, then lay a piece of watercolor paper on top. Remove it to reveal a fun, textured rainbow pattern! 


20. Crushed Cereal Rainbow Bottle

Anyone who loves sand art will love this project! Enhance those fine motor skills by rolling, crushing, pouring, and shaking as you create edible sand bottles. Once the bottle is filled with crushed cereal, personalize the outside of the bottle with glitter glue for even more rainbow fun!  


21. Fuzzy Stick Rainbow Magnet

Whether you want to add color to a locker, whiteboard or fridge door, this fuzzy stick rainbow magnet is sure to brighten your space! Bend your rainbow fuzzy sticks into the perfect arch and add foam and pom clouds to each end. Then, stick on two adhesive magnets and attach the rainbow to any metal surface and add color anywhere! 


22. Rainbow Rain Clouds Experiment

Create your very colorful storm with Paging Fun Mums! This STEAM project explores all the colors of the rainbow as you add food dye drops onto a shaving cream cloud. Watch the drops fall into the glass container to see how the colors blend — it’s the perfect activity to do over and over again! 


23. Rainbow Sand Art Terrariums

Give your succulents an upgrade with adorable sand art terrariums! Layer rainbow sand inside a glass pot or vase to hold your plants, then add a touch of glitter to make it shine. Share your craft project with a friend, or keep it close as a reminder to leave a little sparkle wherever you go! 


24. Rainbow Soda Dough

It only takes two ingredients to create this colorful sensory dough: baking soda and cornstarch! Mix your favorite food dye colors and explore all the sense fun this Lemon Lime Adventures soda dough has to offer.  


25. Build A Fuzzy Stick Rainbow

Challenge your engineering skills by building a fuzzy stick rainbow arch! This STEAM project uses simple science to cultivate building and fine motor skills with fuzzy sticks and poms!  


26. Rainbow Melty Bead Keychain

This rainbow craft will make you melt! Whether you’re crafting for yourself or a friend who loves rainbows, this melty bead keychain is the perfect accessory for any backpack or bag! Get started with My Frugal Adventures to learn how to make this vibrant rainbow arch!  


27. Walking Rainbow STEAM Experiment

Sometimes science experiments take hard work, determination, and more than one try! STEAM Powered Family learned this with their walking rainbow so that you can try this colorful activity yourself. Collect your paper towels and try your hands at absorbing rainbow colors! 


28. Be Kind Clothespin Rainbow 

Be Kind Rainbow

Spread a little kindness into the world! Paint clothespins with every color of the rainbow, then display them around a foam sheet or cardboard with the phrase “Be Kind!” This craft is the perfect reminder to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.  


Happy crafting! Which craft project and experiments will you try?
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