What is the first thing you think of when you hear Fall? Some would say leaves, others would say Halloween, and many would say PUMPKINS! Here are 12 of our favorite Pumpkin crafts for kids:




Decorate your lawn for the season with this Jack-O-Lantern yard stake.


Use fuzzy sticks and pony beads to make mini pumpkins from Cutesy Crafts.


Explore process art with these cute painted pumpkins from Kids Play Box!


Use a balloon to make this amazing yarn pumpkin! via One Little Project.


Paint a pumpkin without the mess! See how at Crafts On Sea.

Turn an ordinary paper bag into an adorable pumpkin, and fill with party favors!


Get slimy, pumpkin stile with this pumpkin putty from Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Have extra Legos lying around? Follow Crafty Morning‘s lead and use them for art!


Use an apple to stamp little pumpkins with wiggly eyes! via Made To Be A Momma

Keep all your trinkets, sweets, or craft supplies safe in this pumpkin pouch from Hello, Wonderful!


This STEAM activity from The Resourceful Mama is awesome! Check out this Pumpkin Volcano here.


Even the littlest crafters, or least crafty folks, can enjoy making this paper plate pumpkin from The Simple Parent!

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Happy Crafting!