Whose favorite animal is a penguin!? 🙋🏼 Penguins are some of the most popular wintertime crafts and we can’t get enough! Here are 13 perfect penguin crafts to make all winter long!


1. Craft Project Ideas

Bead pets are a classic. Make your own penguin to clip to your backpack or lunchbox!













2. I Heart Crafty Things


Upcycle newspaper to make another black & white item – a penguin!





















3. Craftionary


Transform craft sticks and foam shapes into an adorable penguin. Stick a magnet on the back to add it to your fridge!














4. Crafty Morning

Painting clothespin penguins is a simple craft for any age!





























5. One Little Project


Recycle egg cartons to make a waddle of penguins! (DID YOU KNOW: A group of penguins in the water is called a ‘raft’ & a group of penguins on land is called a ‘waddle’.)





























6. Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Or use the eggs inside (or wooden eggs) to make a waddling penguin!





























7. I Heart Crafty Things


Who knew a plastic spoon could be so cute?






















8. Kids Craft Room


This adorable ornament can be used beyond the holidays, all winter long!






















9. Pink and Green Mama


BECOME your favorite animal with an adorable mask!
















10. Premeditated Leftovers


How clever is this penguin puzzle?































11. Preschool Activities

Learn about shapes while making this unique penguin craft. Perfect for preschoolers!























12. The Imagination Tree


What a neat game! Roll the dice to collect all parts of your penguin and put them together!





























13. Craft Project Ideas


Think outside the box with these penguins that are as unique and colorful as you! Based on the book Penguins On Parade.











Let us know your favorite penguin crafts using our Share An Idea page! Happy Crafting!