Whether he loves to fish, watch movies, listen to music, and work in his garage, we’ve rounded up 15 of the coolest Father’s Day crafts for all the rad dads out there! So, gather all your favorite craft supplies and start brainstorming with the projects below.


1. Super Dad Father’s Day Craft

Whether he’s the grilling master, best handyman, or your #1 supporter, every dad has a superpower! Follow this video tutorial to create the perfect craft stick sidekick for the superhero in your life.


2. “Daddy’s Grilling Partner” Printable

Fire up the craft session with a hands-on activity from Glued to My Crafts blog! Download a free printable and gather the finger paints to create a unique craft that any dad will love (just as much as his cookouts)!


3. “Eye Love You, Dad” Frame

Got a dad who can’t resist puns? Create this wiggly eye and craft sticks frame to share some love! Watch this video how-to, then add your favorite photo of the two of you together and gift it to him this Father’s Day.


4. “Hooked On Daddy” Fishing Handprint Card

Dad may love fishing, but he knows his best catches are with him at home. Show dad how much you care with this “handmade” craft from The Best Ideas for Kids! Trace your hand on a foam sheet or cardstock, then glue it to canvas or paper with a craft stick and friendship thread fishing pole.


5. Dad’s A Great Catch Card

Bring the beach to dad this Father’s day with a handmade aquarium bowl! Use craft materials like adhesive foam, fuzzy sticks, and watercolor paints to create an underwater habitat, then personalize it with a phrase like, “You’re a great catch!”


6. “Dad You Rock” Framed Rock Art 

Give dad a rockin’ Father’s day craft with Doodle & Stitch’s DIY project! Add wiggly eyes to pebbles to create adorable rock people, then glue them cardstock and customize your message to dad. Add a final touch with a frame, so he can display it in his office or man cave!


7. “We’re Nuts About You” Picture Frame

Happiness Is Homemade, especially if it’s one of dad’s handyman projects! Show him how much you appreciate the fixes around the house. With a painted wooden frame, and embellishments dad is sure to go nuts & bolts over his favorite photo in this frame!


8. Father’s Day Bunting Card

Create your own bunting card for dad to open as a 3D surprise this year! Stamp a personalized message with colorful ink, thread it through friendship cording, and hang it from each side of the paper to create an uplifting message! Then, decorate the outside of the card with foam letter stickers to make the card pop!


9. “A Monster Hug” Card

Head to the Kids Craft Room for a monster-iffic craft for Father’s day! Trace and cut long construction paper arms and a silly creature body to embellish with tons of wiggly eyes and a fun message. Dad will give you a monster hug right back when he sees this card.


10. “Out Of This World” Straw Toppers

Create the perfect Father’s day party decorations with Craft Project Ideas’ free printable! Use a watercolor technique to paint these circular templates, cut them out, and accessorize dad’s favorite beverage with an out-of-this-world straw topper!


11. “Following in My Daddy’s Shoes” Craft

Show your hard-working dad just how inspirational he is! Dip your feet into this Crafty Morning craft project with some fingerpaint — then, press painted tiny toes onto canvas or cardstock to make an imprint. Use another color to finger paint the shape of a larger shoe and write the message “Following in my daddy’s shoes!” Your dad will be proud to hang this up in his workspace!


12. Classic Craft Stick Frame

Give your dad a little workday motivation! Layer jumbo crafts sticks in a square shape to create a boxed frame, then decorate it with ABC beads, inspirational word beads, glitter glue, and more! This classic craft stick photo frame is the perfect addition to any office desk.


13. Papa Bear Craft

Give papa bear a card that says it best — with foam ears, wiggly eyes, and a pom nose, create your own card from The Best Ideas for Kids. Then, write a silly pun inside like, “We love you bear-y much!” or “Life without you would be un-bear-able.” This card is sure to get you a bear hug on Father’s day!


14. “I Wheelie Love You Dad” Craft

Show dad your skills when it comes to shapes and colors by crafting your own geometrical truck. Then, write “I wheelie love you dad” in foam stickers to really drive the message home!


15. 3D Craft Foam Car Card
3D Craft Foam Car Father's Day Card

Dad will be wheelie impressed with this fun 3D car-shaped card made from craft foam and recycled water bottle caps. Download the template to create awesome shapes and give any car enthusiast a personalized card.


Bonus Crafts!
16. Popcorn Pom Craft 

Pom Pom Popcorn Craft

Nothing “corny” about this Father’s day craft! Share this pom pom popcorn craft with your favorite movie buff and create a punny craft using poms, foam, paints, and canvas. There’s no “butter” way to say I love you!


17. Upcycled Record Coasters 

Father's Day Upcycled Record Coasters

This is the perfect craft for those CDs collecting dust in the craft closet. Transform old disks into the perfect Father’s day gift with just a little paint and adhesive craft foam. Before you know it, you’ll have upcycled CDs into drink coasters for your rockstar dad!


Happy crafting & happy Father’s day! Which craft project will you share with your loved ones?
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