Celebrate Independence Day with fun, patriotic crafts that will brighten up your decorations for any celebration or BBQ!  Make bracelets for family and friends, explore process art, and more with 10 of our favorite 4th of July Crafts for Kids!



1. Craft Project Ideas

Patriotic Wand



2. A Little Pinch of Perfect

Statue of Liberty Craft



3. Craft Project Ideas

Fuzzy Stick American Flag



4. Celebrating With The Bug

Sparkle and Pop 3D Firework Art



5. Craft Project Ideas

Red, White & Blue Clothespin Wreath



6. Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Patriotic Tote Bag



7. Craft Project Ideas

Paper Plate Uncle Sam



8. Playdough to Plato

4th of July Bracelets



9. Craft Project Ideas

Craft Stick American Flag



10. I Can Teach My Child

Shaving Cream Fireworks



Let us know your favorite 4th of July craft ideas using our Share An Idea page! Happy Crafting!