Dad Rocks Diorama

Here's a fun Father's Day Activity! Add Wood Letters, Paint and Foam Stickers to an old shoebox lid to create a cool diorama for dad. Hang on the wall or place on a shelf for everyone to see how much Dad rocks!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

How to make a Diorama


Father's Day Kids Craft


Step 2.


Paint the wood letters to spell “My dad rocks” and set aside to dry.

Kids Craft Diorama


Step 3.


Add paint around the inside edge of the shoe box and let dry.

Diorama Craft for Kids


Step 4.


Cut out the guitar from the scene card that comes in the sticker pack.

Kid's Father's Day Craft


Step 5.


Cut a piece of blue Construction Paper and glue into the lid of the shoe box. Tip: to make sure the Construction Paper will fit, place the shoebox lid on the Construction paper and trace with a pencil. Cut the paper on the inside of  the traced lines and the paper should fit nicely.

Father's day craft activity


Step 6.


Cut a smaller rectangle from yellow Construction paper. Glue the yellow rectangle into the bottom left side of the box lid, as shown. (You can write a note to dad on this rectangle).

How to make a diorama kids craft


Step 7.


Glue the letters into the box lid.

Diorama Craft


Step 8.


To finish your diorama, glue the Guitar on the outside edge of the box lid, as shown. Add a photo or drawing inside the yellow rectangle and decorate the open spaces with more foam music stickers.