Multimedia Turkey Art

  • Tween Age 9-12
  • Elementary Age 5-9
  • Preschool Age 3-4
  • All Ages

Use straws and various craft materials to create a cool, textured turkey collage for Thanksgiving!


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Step 1. Gather your materials.


Step 2.


Download and print the provided template on to card stock. To download the template, simply click the “Template” button above.


Step 3.


Paint a watercolor layer so you know what colors will go where.


Step 4.


Cut a straw in half, then cut each half open.


Step 5.


Cut the straws into small, .5″ to 1″ pieces that curl, as shown.


Step 6.


Cover the snood (the red dangle off a turkey’s face) with red straws.


Step 7.


Cut a large orange smoothie straw the same way as Steps 4 & 5.


Step 8.


Cover the turkey’s beak and feet in orange straws.


To make the toes, we pulled the straws and glued them along the curves.


Step 9.


Cover the turkey’s body in brown feathers.


Step 10.


Add eyes so the turkey can see.


Step 11.


Cut more yellow, orange and red straws the same way as Steps 4 & 5.


Step 12.


Glue the straw pieces onto their corresponding colors.


Step 13.


Cut red fuzzy sticks into about 3″ pieces.


Step 14.


Curl as shown.


Step 15.


Glue to the last red layer of the turkey’s feathers.