Monster Pencil Topper

  • Elementary Age 5-9
  • All Ages

Go Back to School with a Personalized Monster Pencil Topper!


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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Pencil Topper



Personal Pencil Topper Step 2.


Twist (2) Fuzzy Sticks together to create a twisted colored Fuzzy Stick. Once complete, wind a 3rd Fuzzy Stick around the twisted one. For our monster we coiled blue and green Neon Fuzzy Sticks together.

Personalized Pencil Topper Monster Step 3.


Starting about 1 1/2 inches from the top, coil your twisted Fuzzy Sticks to make a circle about the size of a quarter. This will be the head of your Monster Pencil Topper



Make a Pencil Topper Step 4.


Twist the remaining part of your Fuzzy Sticks around a pencil to secure.

Step 5. 


Glue a large Wiggly Eye to the center of the monster’s face.

Pencil Topper Step 6.


For a “pop” color add a final Fuzzy Stick in a different color. Trim any extra material as necessary.

You are now ready to use your Monster Pencil Topper!