Milk Carton Fairy Houses

  • All Ages

Use small milk cartons to create a miniature village for fairies and other enchanted creatures!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Glue the tops of your cartons together, so it looks like they were never open.

Step 3.

Glue 6 mini craft sticks to one side of the top of a milk carton. To get a whimsical pattern, put some higher than others, as shown. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4.

Paint the cartons. We chose to do bright purple, turquoise and magenta.

Step 5.

After the paint dried, we added a layer of glitter paint in the same corresponding colors.

Step 6.

For the roofs we decided to use brighter colors to compliment the houses. The yellow and blue paints are metallic!

Step 7.

Cut out a front door and add a small acrylic jewel for a doorknob. Add different shapes of acrylic jewels for windows.