Melty Bead Locker Magnets

  • All Ages

Dress up Melty Bead magnetic projects with jewels or Fuzzy Sticks and stick them to your locker!


  • Acrylic Jewels Assorted 18mm
  • Acrylic Jewels Assorted 5mm
  • Acrylic Jewels Assorted 9mm
  • Black Fuzzy Sticks
  • Green Fuzzy Sticks
  • Magnetic Buttons
  • Melty Beads Ultimate Kit
  • Craft Glue
  • Iron ** Adult assistance required
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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Melty Bead Magnets


Melty Bead Locker Magnets


Step 2.


Place Melty Beads onto pegboard surface in pattern as desired. Tip: the Melty Bead Ultimate Kit comes with several pegboards.

Locker Magnets


Step 3.


Use iron and ironing paper to melt beads. For more tips on using Melty Beads, click here.

Puppy Magnet, Flower Magnet, Cupcake Magnet


Step 4.


Once the shape is cooled, pull off the pegboard and place on a flat surface. Dress these shapes up a little further by gluing on Acrylic Jewels. In our examples, we added several Acrylic Jewels on the cupcake as sprinkles, added jewels to the dogs eyes, mouth and collar, and used a large Acrylic Jewel for the center of the flower.

Peace sign melty bead magnet


Step 5.


You may also want to use Fuzzy Sticks for some extra fluff or accents to your magnets. We created leaf shapes out of a green Fuzzy Stick to the flower melty bead project and wrapped the Peace Symbol in a black Fuzzy Stick.

Back to School Magnets


Step 6.


Once you are done decorating your Melty Bead shapes, glue on a Magnetic Button to the back and stick to the locker to hold your notes or favorite pictures!

Locker and refrigerator melty bead magnetsStep 7.


Once dry, your magnets are ready to hang on your locker or fridge to hold up notes or favorite pictures!