Make Your Own Scratch Art

  • All Ages

Use Oil Pastels and paint to create your own scratch art. Create colorful projects with this fun, tactile technique!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Scratch Art

Step 2.

Place your card stock on a piece of wax paper, which will help protect your table. Coloring your paper with oil pastels, making sure to press really hard. Use bright colors to create any pattern to design you choose. We made rainbow stripes.

Scratch art technique

Step 3.

Continue coloring, adding many different colors, to cover the entire paper.

make your own scratch art

Step 4.

Add some black poster paint to a small bowl and pour a tiny amount of dish soap. The soap will help the paint stick to the oil pastels. Mix it together using a foam brush and begin painting it over your oil pastel picture.

kids art project

Step 5.

Cover the entire paper and allow to try. It’s okay if you see some of the pattern lightly under the paint.

what is scratch art

Step 6.

Using a Skinny Stick, start scratching a design into the paper. The black paint will scratch off leaving the bright oil pastels underneath. We picked a space theme design, since the background is black but you can pick any theme or design that you like.

Step 7.

Experiment with different ways you can use the Skinny Stick. Use a corner to create thin lines or turn to use the flat edge for broad, thick lines. Scratch off larger areas to fill in sections with bright colors. Once complete, show it to a friend!