I Wheelie Love You, Dad Craft

  • All Ages

Children as young as preschool ages can practice their shapes and colors while creating a truck shape to give dad on Father's Day with this cute craft.


  • Wood Shapes (substitute with paper cut into shapes)
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Kids Craft Father's Day Card


Father's Day Card Craft


Step 2.


Glue the white card stock to a piece of green Construction Paper. Center the card stock, so that you see an even amount of green on all sides.

Kids Arts and Craft card for Dad


Step 3.


Sort out the Wood pieces by shapes and sizes. Tip: This a good time to talk to your preschooler about shapes and colors.

How to make a card for Father's day


Step 4.


Place all the large squares together to form the basic shape of a truck. The red squares form the cab of the truck and then the blue and green squares make the base, as shown. Have your preschooler put the shapes down first before gluing. Once the shapes are in the right spot, glue them to the paper.

Kid's arts and crafts father's day activity


Step 5.


Glue the large green circles to the truck to make the wheels.

Make a Father's Day Card with preschoolers


Step 6.


Next, add the small black circles to the middle of the green wheels.

Pre-school craft for Father's Day


Step 7.


To make the window of the truck, glue the small yellow circle to the cab of the truck.

Father's Day Arts and Crafts Activity


Step 8.


Finish the truck by gluing a yellow triangle to the front of the truck to make the headlight.

Kids Craft for Dad


Step 9.


Peel and stick the Felt Letters to the picture to spell your phrase. Tip: place all the Felt Letters on the paper first before sticking them down. You want to make sure that the words all fit and are evenly spaced.