Homework Pencil Door Hanger

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

If you need some privacy when doing homework, create a fun Homework Pencil Door Hanger so you are not disturbed.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2. 


Using heavy duty scissors, cut (1) jumbo craft stick in half. *This might require adult assistance.


Step 3.


Using heavy duty scissors, cut (1) jumbo craft stick into three equal parts. * This might require adult assistance.


Step 4.


Lay (4) jumbo craft sticks side by side to form the pencil body. Use the rectangular center piece cut in step 3 and lay on center of pencil body as shown. Use glue to adhere the pieces together.



Step 5.


Form the tip of the pencil by placing the two half pieces from Step 1 on pencil body to form tip.


Step 6.


To fill in the gap, use the last two smaller pieces from Step 3 on the pencil as shown. Use glue to adhere together.


Step 7.


Once the glue is dry, flip pencil sign over and paint the sign. Paint the pencil body orange, the tip area tan, and the very end of the tip black, like you would find on a real pencil.


Step 8.


To write words on your sign, press foam stamp letters onto the blue ink of your Rainbow Stamp Pad. Press inked foam stamp onto pencil sign. Spell “Doing Homework” with foam stamps.


Step 9.


Glue a ribbon or piece of Hemp Cord to back of pencil sign. Once dry, hang on the door handle whenever you’re doing your homework!