Historical Scroll

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Learn how to make the look of aged paper while creating a patriotic scroll.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

President's Day Craft

Kids Art Activity for President's Day

Step 2.

Print and cut out an image of your chosen document. In honor of President’s Day, we used an image of the U.S. Constitution printed from the government website, USHistory.org found here.

Make a scroll

Step 3.

Gently crumple your larger paper into a ball.  You want to make sure the paper is wadded up tight but gentle enough that you don’t have major rips in the paper.

Historical Scroll Craft for President's Day

Step 4.

Unfold the paper to reveal lots of creases. Add water to the Watercolor Paint and paint the entire paper with brown paint and a Large Brush.  Tip: Make sure the brown is light in color so it will show up darker in the creases for a unique, aged look.

Historical Scroll Craft

Step 5.

Pour craft glue onto a paper plate or small tray. Using a foam brush, add glue to the back of the document then glue to the aged paper. Apply glue around the edges as well. Allow to dry.

Art Activity for Presidents Day

Step 6.

Place some strips of clear tape on the backside of the bottom edge with the sticky side facing up.

Presidents Day Craft Activity

Step 7.

Place a 5/16” Wood Dowel along the sticky edge of the tape. Gently roll the Dowel so the bottom edge of the paper is wrapped around the Dowel.

Arts and crafts activity for Presidents Day

Step 8. 

Add some tape along the edge of the paper, where it meets the Dowel. This will secure the Dowel to the paper, and create a nice finished look.

Independence Day  craft activity

Step 9.

Repeat Steps 7-9 with the top edge of the paper.

Independence Day Scroll

Step 10.

To finish your scroll, tie some white Hemp Cord across the top Dowel for hanging.

Partner this craft with a discussion on documents which are important to country’s history.