Handprint Turkey Napkin Ring

  • Preschool
  • Grades 1-3

Even your preschool child can dress up the Thanksgiving dinner table with these handprint Turkey Napkin Rings!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Thanksgiving craft


Turkey handprint craft


Step 2.


Apply Finger Paint onto your child’s hand and press the hand onto a piece of card stock. Tip: Make sure to press down on each finger and palm to get a good impression.

Turkey Craft


Step 3.


Once the handprint it dry, you will need to cut out the handprint. For preschool age children, it might be helpful for an adult to draw a line around the turkey shape for the child to follow.  This is a helpful technique to practice hand/eye coordination.

Turkey Napkin Roll Craft


Step 4.


Using scissors cut out the shape drawn.


Turkey Napkin Roll Craft


Step 5.


Glue (1) Wiggly Eye onto the thumb of the handprint. This will be the turkey’s head.

Thanksgiving Craft


Step 6.


Cut a small triangle out of a piece of yellow construction paper and glue onto the turkey’s head as a beak.

Thanksgiving Napkin roll


Step 7.


Glue colored Feathers to the fingers of the handprint.  Tip: if the feathers are too long for this area, trim with scissors before gluing. You have made a handprint turkey!

Handprint Turkey


Step 8.


Cut a cardboard paper roll into a 2 or 3 inch section (depending on the size of the handprint turkey). Glue the paper roll to the back of the handprint turkey as shown.

Finger paint print Thanksgiving Turkey


Step 9.


On Thanksgiving, roll your napkin into a tube shape and slip inside paper roll. Place a setting at each seat and allow guests to enjoy these lovely Handprint Turkey Napkin Rings!

Watch a video on this craft and how to make a Pilgrim Hat Place Card by clicking here!