Fall Leaf Wreath

  • Tween Age 9-12
  • Elementary Age 5-9

Use the included template to make a beautiful wreath from paper leaves on a paper plate base.


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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath Craft


Fall Wreath Craft for Kids


Step 2.


First, you will need to cut out some leaf shapes. You can draw these shapes on your own or use the template we have included. *Underneath the picture for this project, find the “template” button and click to download the leaf template. Print it out then cut out the leaves next trace this template onto colorful construction paper and cut out the leaves.

Make a Leaf Craft for Kids


Step 3.


You should have 12 leaves in different fall colors, such as brown, red, yellow and orange.

Kids Fall Wreath Craft


Step 4.


Using your foam brush, gently apply gold, red and orange Acrylic Paint to your leaves. Tip: leave some of the texture created by the sponge for a fun effect! You can also overlap paint colors.

Fall Leaf Kids Craft


Step 5.


Use Glitter Glue to draw veins, just like you would find on a real leaf!

Leaf Wreath Kids Craft


Step 6.


While your paint is drying, cut the middle out of your paper plate. Tip: to cut in the middle of the plate, lightly folder the plate in half and cut out a half circle.

Fall Leaf Kids Craft


Step 7.


Glue your leaves around the plate, overlapping the leaves as you move around.


Step 8.


Take a Fuzzy Stick and wrap around the top of the plate to create a hanger. You have now created a beautiful Fall Wreath to hang in the fall season or as a Thanksgiving Welcome!