Fall Corn Bead Magnet

  • Sensory Play
  • History & Social Studies
  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use Pony Beads as kernels and make this fun Indian Corn Magnet as a classroom project or with kids to decorate your home this fall!


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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Indian Corn with Pony beads Craft


Fall Craft Indian Corn


Step 2.


Lay down (7) Craft Sticks vertically creating the arrow shape as shown.

Harvest Craft for Kids


Step 3.


Glue (2) Mini Craft Sticks horizontally on the sticks to secure the shape. This will be the base of your Corn Magnet.

Harvest Craft for Kids


Step 4.


You will need (2) brown husk shapes. We have included a traceable PDF template on our website for this project. At the top of the screen, under the project image, you will find a “template” button where you can download this template. Cut out the shapes provided then trace onto brown construction paper.

Harvest Kids Craft Indian Corn


Step 5.


Glue brown husk shapes on your Corn Magnet base in a “v” shape as shown.

Indian Corn Kids Craft with Pony Beads


Step 6.


Glue different colored Pony Beads onto the Craft Sticks.

Indian Corn Magnet


Step 7.


Once dry, flip over project and glue (2) Magnet Buttons to the back. Hang on your fridge or magnetic surface and decorated for the autumn season!


Decorate these bead-utiful corn stalks and learn how maize helped the harvest for the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth!  

  • Dinner Is Served: During the settlers’ first year in Plymouth, Native Americans introduced them to corn — teaching them how to grow, husk, and cook it. Corn became an important food source for the settlers, since their European crops were unable to grow in North American soil. After all the food was harvested in the fall, both groups gathered together for a large feast. Take a look at the history behind the first Thanksgiving as a class!
  • Corn Colors: Did you know that corn comes in many different colors, like white, yellow, black, red, and gray-blue? Have your students arrange their pony bead kernels in different colors to explore new patterns on their crafts — and take a look at more surprising corn facts!

Over time, corn has become more than a just food source — expanding into valuable roles in trade, culture, and scientific discoveries! Learn more about the impactful agricultural history of corn and what makes it so a-maize-ing! Then, ask your students to review the corn items from the video — how many do they use in their daily routines?