Egg Carton School Bus

  • Tween Age 9-12
  • Elementary Age 5-9

Time to get ready for a new school year! Make sure your egg carton people get there on time in their new juice box school bus!




Step 1. Gather your supplies.




Step 2.


Cut the top off the egg carton.  Cut the bottom apart, so that one piece has 8 cups and the other piece has 4 cups.


Step 3.


Place the juice carton and the egg carton piece with 8 cups on some wax paper.  Using Simply Spray® Yellow Project Paint, spray one even coat of paint on the juice carton and the bottom of the egg carton cups. Begin and end spraying off the project to prevent splatter. For the juice carton you only need to spray the top, bottom and 3 sides. Let the paint dry approximately 30 minutes and repeat with one more coat of spray, if needed.


Step 4.


Once the painted egg carton has dried, turn over and paint the inside of 2 cups, on each side black. Cut  a skinny stick in half. Paint the (2) halves, (4) additional skinny sticks and the (4) bottle caps black. Let all the pieces dry.


Step 5.


Turn over the egg carton piece that has 4 cups, and paint the cups to look like people.


Step 6.


Add wiggly eyes on each person, and finish by painting a smile on each one.


Step 7.


Glue the people into the yellow egg carton, as shown.


Step 8.


Cut the unpainted side off the egg carton.


Step 9.


Have an adult cut (2) windows each, in opposite sides of the juice carton, as shown.


Step 10.


Place the open side of the juice carton over the egg carton people. And glue to secure.


Step 11.


Glue (2) of the painted skinny sticks on the sides of the bus. One above each window. Glue the 2 skinny sticks on the back of the bus.


Step 12.


Glue acrylic jewels to back of the bus to look like lights. Use stickers to spell “School Bus” on both sides of the bus. Glue bottle caps on the bus as wheels. Use black paint to make windows on the front and back of the bus, and add extra stripes to the side of the bus.


Step 13.


The bus is all ready for school!!