Counting Sticks

  • Math
  • Sensory Play

Children will practice identifying the number shapes as well as counting objects with these fun counting sticks!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Counting Sticks


educational craft


Step 2.


Cut a 2 x 2 inch square from a yellow foam sheet.

educational counting craft


Step 3.


Peel and stick a number sticker onto foam square.

educational craft for kids


Step 4.


Give your numbers a little personality. Glue Wiggly eye(s) and add hair using bent Fuzzy Sticks.

counting craft for kids


Step 5.


Glue the square to a Jumbo Craft Stick.

educational arts and crafts


Step 6.


Glue Pony Beads in the designated number on the Jumbo Craft Stick handle. For example: for the “6” Counting Stick, glue on 6 beads.

educational crafts


Step 7.


Repeat for additional counting sticks. Once complete, use these sticks to practice counting skills with young children. They can identify the large number at the top and individually count the beads on the sticks to practice.


Stick to educational crafts and learn the value of numbers!

Count on everyone: Have everyone create at least 1 counting stick by gluing the number of beads to the corresponding digit on top.


Digit duel: Divide your students into 2 lines and challenge them to add or subtract the numbers on their sticks with the classmate from the opposite line. Have both students show their counting sticks at the same time — whoever says the correct answer first stays in the front of the line and faces the next person from the opposite team!

Familiarize the class with digits and values by asking them to answer the following questions on perspective: How many colors on a stoplight? How many students are in the classroom? How many subjects are there in school?