Skill Stick Bird House

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Combine different types of wooden sticks to build a bird house.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

how to make a kids craft birdhouse with craft sticks

wood craft sticks

Step 2.

Count out (10) of the Skill Sticks. The Skill Sticks have a V shaped notch on each side that allows them to be easily  broken into smaller pieces. Gently snap one end off each of the (10) Skill Sticks. Put the smaller pieces aside, you will need them in a future step.

wooden craft sticks

Step 3.

Attach one end of the shorter Skill Stick to the end of a full size Skill Stick. The pre-cut notches in the Skill Sticks will allow them to fit easily together.

craft sticks

Step 4.

Finish making a rectangle by attaching another short and long stick together as shown. This it the base of your bird house.

fun kids craft

Step 5.

Continue stacking the sticks to make the house. Once you have built the house 3 layers high, you will attach (2) of the small pieces, (from step 2) on one side of the house.  This will create a small opening in the house.

craft wooden sticks

Step 6.

Repeat Step 5. to make another layer of sticks on the house as shown.

wooden craft stick projects

Step 7.

To finish the main part of the house make one more layer on the house, this time not using the smaller pieces.

how to make a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks

Step 8.

To make the roof, glue (2) Mini Sticks together to form a right angle, as shown.

wooden craft stick project

Step 9.

Snap the end off (2) Skill Sticks, keeping all the pieces.

popsicle sticks

Step 10.

Using the Heavy Duty scissors, have an adult cut a Skill Stick in Half.

popsicle stick birdhouse

Step 11.

Pick out 3 pieces of the cut Skill Sticks from longest to shortest. Glue the pieces on the Mini Stick shape you created in step 8. They should fit to form a triangle, as shown.

wooden skill sticks

Step 12.

Repeat Step 8 and Step 11 to make another roof piece. Use the 3 pieces left over from Steps 9 and 10.

craft stick crafts

Step 13.

Glue the roof pieces to the front and back of the bird house, as shown.

Simply Spray Project

Step 14.

Place your bird house on a piece of wax paper. Using orange Simply Spray Project Paint, spray one even coat of paint on the bird house. Begin and end spraying off the project to prevent splatter. Let the paint dry approximately 30 minutes and repeat with one more coat of spray, if needed.

crafts with craft sticks

Step 15.

To make a roof panel, lay down (6) Wood Craft Sticks horizontally. Glue (2) Mini Wood Sticks vertically across the (6) sticks to secure the shape. Repeat to create a second panel.

Simply Spray Kids Craft

Step 16. 

Use the white Simply Spray Project Paint to paint the roof panels. Once dry to the touch decorate the panels with acrylic paint.

craft stick art

Step 17.

To make the base of the bird house, lay down (12) Wood Craft Sticks horizontally. Glue (2) Wood Craft Sticks vertically across the (12) sticks to secure the shape.

birdhouse kids craft

Step 18. 

Use the green Simply Spray Project Paint to paint the roof panels. Once dry to the touch decorate the panels with acrylic paint.

craft stick

Step 19.

Glue the bird house to the base.

popsicle sticks

Step 20.

Using a hot glue gun, have an adult add a strip of hot glue to the sides of the roof of the bird house. Because the roof is angled the hot glue will secure the roof quicker, so that the roof doesn’t slide off.

Kids arts and crafts activity

Step 21.

Gently press a roof panels onto the house.

birdhouse craft

Step 22.

There will be a small gap on the top of the bird house between the roof panels. Add a small amount of hot glue in the middle of one of the roof panels, as shown.

how to make a birdhouse

Step 23.

Cut a small piece of Friendship Thread. Using a Craft Stick, press one end of the Thread into the hot glue. It is important to use the craft stick to press the thread into the hot glue instead of your finger. Add a small amount of glue to the other side and attach the other end of the Thread to create a loop for hanging the birdhouse.

how to build a birdhouse with kids

Step 24.

Add a little hot glue to a Mini Wood Stick and attach to the hole in the birdhouse to make a perch.

Step 25.

Your birdhouse is ready to hang outside in a tree, or on a shelf in your house.