5 Little Pumpkins

  • Preschool Age 3-4
  • Elementary Age 5-9

Based on the poem “5 Little Pumpkins”, this is a fun and interactive project for early elementary kids and preschoolers. The pumpkins, made from egg carton cups and magnets, can be moved around on a cookie to interact with the poem.


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Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Cut out (10) cups from the egg carton.  Trim each cup to be about 1 1/2” deep, as shown.


Step 3.


Paint the outside of (10) cups orange. Paint (10) mini sticks and (4) skinny sticks brown. Let all the pieces dry.


Step 4.


Start making a pumpkin by cutting a 2” piece of brown fuzzy stick. Fold in half and glue to the inside of one of the cups. The folded end should be sticking out from the of edge of the cup.


Step 5.


Glue a second cup to the first, to create a pumpkin shape.


Step 6.


Cut a small piece of green fuzzy stick and twist to make a spiral. Glue to the brown fuzzy stick stem.


Step 7.


Glue wiggly eyes to the pumpkin.


Step 8.


Turn the pumpkin over and attach an adhesive button magnet to the back.


Step 9.


Repeat steps 4-8 with the remaining orange cups. You should have a total of 5 pumpkins. Put aside to dry.


Step 10.


Make a fence by gluing the (10) mini sticks and (4) skinny sticks to a piece of blue construction paper, as shown.


Step 11.


Spell out “5 Little Pumpkins” with glitter stickers across the top of the paper.


Step 12.


Tape the construction paper to a cookie sheet.


Step 13.


The magnets on the pumpkins will stick to the cookie sheet. Download and print the poem by clicking the “Template” button. You can move or remove the pumpkins to follow along with the rhyme.