- Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger
Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger

Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger

Guests will no longer be able to sneak inside with this Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger on the job! Hang this Jingle Bell filled project on your door handle and guests will be announced with a fun jiggling sound!


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Jingle bell wreath

Make a wreath with Jingle Bells

Step 2.


Begin stringing Jingle Bells on the silver Glitter Stick. For our project, we strung a pattern of two silver Jingle Bells followed by two gold Jingle Bells.

Make a Jingle Bell Wreath

Step 3.


Continue to string Jingle Bells until you have 28 on your glitter stick. Make sure to leave about 1 inch of Glitter Stick at each end.

Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger

Step 4.


Twist together Glitter Stick to create the wreath shape. Weave any loose Glitter Stick material around strung Jingle Bells to hide the ends.

Jingle Bell Door Hanger

Step 5.

Create a large loop with a Gold Glitter Stick. Twist onto the top of the wreath.

Jingle Bell Craft

Step 6.


Bend your red Glitter Stick to form the bow shape as shown.

Jingle Bell Craft

Step 7.


Twist each bow loop to secure the shape.

jingle bell wreath

Step 8.

Twist the ends of the red Glitter Stick bow around the top of the wreath.

Now your wreath is ready to hang on your door handle! Wait for the Jingle Bells to announce any guests to your room or home!