- Paper Plate Clown
Paper Plate Clown

Paper Plate Clown

Here is a fun project for preschool children to practice motor skills through cutting and tracing. Decorate a paper plate and make a cute clown design! Download our free template to complete this adorable craft!

Small Paper Plate
Black Marker
Craft Glue

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

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Step 2.

Draw and cut the following shapes on construction paper: a red mouth, a green hat, blue hair and a yellow star. We have provided a template which you can download and print by clicking the “template” button under the final picture of this project.

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Step 3.

If you printed the template, trace each shape onto your construction paper.

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Step 4.

Glue these shapes onto a small paper plate to form a clown shape.

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Step 5.

Add Wiggly Eyes and Rainbow Poms to add dimension to your clown craft.

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Step 6.

Finish by drawing a mouth line with a marker.