Pointillism Poppy Painting

Pointillism Poppy Painting

Pointillism is the art of creating images using dots of colors put together to create a larger picture. Learn how to create a painting of poppy flowers in the pointillism style.


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Cut a piece of Banner paper to the desired size.  Use the pencil and draw 2 large simple poppy flowers on the paper. Poppy flowers are made up of large, layered, wavy petals. Add some large leaves around the petals, as shown.

Step 3. 

Pour some pink, red, and orange paint on the foam plate. Using the large foam dauber brush, mix the colors together on the plate.

Step 4.

Apply the paint to the flowers, press the dauber brush straight up and down in short vertical strokes. This will create large dots.

Step 5.

Continue applying the paint in all the petals. The dots can overlap. You should see areas of pink, red, and orange throughout the flowers.

Step 6. 

Use a round, stiff bristle brush to outline the petals. Use the red, and the same short vertical strokes to create the outline.

Step 7.

Rinse off the plate and pour yellow and green paint. Use the small dauber brush to mix the paint together and paint the leaves, using the same technique used to create the poppies. Use mostly green where the leaves are closer to the petals, add yellow toward the outer edges of the leaves.

Step 8.

To finish the painting, use the large dauber brush to paint the background blue. Your pointillism style poppy painting is now complete!

Further Discussion:

Pointillism is the art of creating images using dots of colors put together to create a larger picture. In our example, we mixed together red, pink and orange paint and applied it with a dauber brush. When using the dauber brush, and only applying the paint in a dot format, you can still see each of the individual colors up close. From far away the flowers will look like a solid color to create a finished picture.  When using just a regular paint brush, the colors get mixed together and you can't see the individual colors.


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