- Plaster Mandala Tile
Plaster Mandala Tile

Plaster Mandala Tile

Mandala art most often starts with a central geometric shape and then has geometric forms that radiate out of the central shape to form a symmetrical pattern. A Mandala is a beautiful and easy to make design that can be translated to many age levels. With young children you can talk about making a small shape in the center of a plate and then continuing a pattern until you reach the plates edges. With older children, you can discuss the ideas of symmetry and geometry to create a more detailed design.


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Begin by drawing a design on a foam plate with a pencil or ball-point pen. The design should start from a small image in the center and radiates out.
Tip: It is important to carve deep into the foam but not break through to the other side.

Step 3.

Once the design is complete, mix your Plaster of Paris. For more information on mixing plaster click here.

Step 4.

Plaster of Paris sets in 20-30 minutes but should sit overnight to dry completely.

Step 5.

Once your plaster is dry, slowly remove it from the foam plate.

Step 6.

Paint your Mandala with Acrylic Paint.

Step 7.

Further decorate your mandala with Acrylic Jewels.

Step 8. 

Finish your mandala by covering it with a clear gloss. Your mandala is now ready to display!